Oōd Studio

San Francisco, oodstudio.com
Guatemalan-born product designer Jessica Herrera graduated in 2016, but this year decided to officially plant her stake in the design world as Oōd Studio, launching a debut collection in May that just so happened to perfectly channel the zeitgeist for chubby, tubular forms (even New York Magazine said so). We can only assume her next collection will be equally prescient.

What is American design to you, and what excites you about it?
A melting pot of different cultures and their crafts coming together to form an ever-evolving and diverse design language. What excites me about American design is its inclusivity — in a time when our current political climate is so polarizing, it celebrates diversity. It’s really exciting to see Latin American designers from small countries like my own putting out amazing work and being recognized for it.

What are your plans and highlights for the upcoming year?
My plans are to continue developing and expanding my line. I just moved to San Francisco and am now producing everything on the West Coast, so it’s been a busy end of the year. I’m looking forward showing in Milan at Salone del Mobile this year, as it will be my first time there!

What inspires or informs your work in general?
I’m interested in the way we interact with furniture. The way a piece can create an intimate experience between a person and the space around them. Being able to create a user experience that’s unique to a product makes it that much more special. This kind of thinking is what informs my work and the shapes I use. When it comes to materials, I’m really into metal piping and oversized bolsters. I like a chunky look mixed with soft curves; I think it’s playful yet sophisticated. In terms of forms I love the torus shape. It’s a hard shape to achieve in any material, which is why I find it so fascinating.OOD_AmericanDesignHotList OOD_AmericanDesignHotList3