Kathryn Bentley Hand-Painted Her Restoration Hardware Sofa, and So Can You

Kathryn Bentley has one of the best contemporary object collections we've seen to date, from Roger Herman ceramics, to a Waka Waka coffee table (designer Shin Okuda is a longtime collaborator), to the BZIPPY urn she jokes she wants for her eternal life. One of our favorite homes from How to Live With Objects, we're excerpting images of her colorful house tour — including the incredible Restoration Hardware sofa the hand-painted with sponges — today.
How to Live With Objects Helene Rebelo

How to Live With Objects Sneak Peek! Inside a Colorful Brussels Loft That Perfectly Mixes the Vintage and the New

Often when we first tell people we're releasing our first book, they assume it's a compilation of stories from Sight Unseen's archives, or a compendium of the homes of creatives. In fact, it's more like a reference book or handbook, one that — over the span of nearly 50,000 words — advises you on how to make your house a home. That said, we would have been remiss if we spent that much time talking about how to live with objects without showing you some prime examples of people who are successfully doing just that, like Hélène Rebelo and Edouard Beauget, whose colorful Brussels loft we're excerpting today.