Reflections on Form at Helmrinderknecht

Last week, while we were muddling through a natural disaster that sent one of us to live in a hotel for two weeks (destroying a four-year archive of I.D. magazines in the process) and the other one out to Queens to try to help other storm victims who are still in the dark, we found a small and welcome ray of sunshine in our inboxes. The “Reflections on Form” exhibition that opened at Europe’s roving Helmrinderknecht gallery on Friday is a kind of coincidental corollary to the Moss auction at Phillips we featured two weeks ago: Both exhibits make simple, formal comparisons between great works of design and great works of art, with the only difference we can see being Helmrinderknecht’s skew towards younger, newer talents. The gallery’s show — this time popping up at Barbara Seller in Zurich — features such pairings as Berlin designer Alex Valder‘s criss-crossed Latte bookshelves (right) with the graphic line-art of Marc Nagtzaam, and Study O Portable’s striated-resin Fuzz vessels with the striated color fields of Sander van Deurzen’s paintings. Almost all of the artists included are, of course, members of Seller’s stable; we love seeing art exhibited alongside design, so we hope to see more collaborations of this kind in the future!