Örnsbergsauktionen 2013

When Fredrik Paulsen, Kristoffer Sundin, and Simon Klenell organized an auction for independent design in the basement of their Stockholm studio last year, it was with a bit of trepidation: Would anyone come? Would the pieces sell? Would the Swedish design market, with its thirst for Scandinavian midcentury classics, be open to more unique and sometimes weird works? Apparently the answer was yes on all fronts, for the Ornsbergsauktionen — which was one of our favorite exhibitions of 2012 — is back this year in conjunction with Stockholm Design Week, complete with a gorgeous new graphic identity by Bergen, a sharp new website from Konst & Teknik, and new editions by returning favorites like TAF as well as newbies (and Sight Unseen friends) Gemma Holt, Hilda Hellström, and Silo Studio. In Stockholm, the viewing is open until the night of the auction, February 8, but you can get peek of the goods above (that’s Paulsen’s stained pine and Valchromat Prism shelf up top) and below, as well as on the auction homepage where pre-bids are being taken. örnsberg2013 4109

Designer: TAF
Status: First prototype
Starting price: 6000 SEK
örnsberg2013 4149 STARDUST BANGLES (2013)
Designer: Silo Studio
Status: Studio production
Starting price: 1350 SEK
örnsberg2013 4120 NEVADA STOOL (2013)
Designer: Kristoffer Sundin in collaboration with Johanna Friedman
Status: First prototype
Starting price: 2000 SEK
örnsberg2013 4013 ATLAS (2012)
Designer: Amba Molly
Status: Unique
Starting price: 1100 SEK (bottle); 5000 SEK (jars)örnsberg2013 3988 MAY FLOWER (2013)
Designer: Simon Klenell
Status: Unique
Starting price: 1800 SEK
örnsberg2013 3942SPLIT (2013)
Designer: Pål Rodenius
Status: First prototype
Starting price: 3500 SEK
örnsberg2013 4015 SEDIMENTATION (2012)
Designer: Hilda Hellström
Status: Unique
Starting price: 2500 SEK
örnsberg2013 4028 FAKE MARBLE LIGHTS (2012)
Designer: Kakan Hermansson
Status: Unique
Starting price: 1600 SEK
örnsberg2013 4025 NECKLACE IN POSITION 1 (2013)
Designer: Maria E Harrysson
Status: Unique
Starting price: 8600 SEK
örnsberg2013 4158 AURA CLUSTER (2013)
Designer: Sara Lundkvist
Status: Unique object
Starting price: 1200 SEK
örnsberg2013 4164 Go to www.ornsbergsauktionen.se