Shop Sight Unseen on Print All Over Me

In April, we introduced you to BYCO, a production platform and online shop for custom clothing designs submitted by up-and-coming fashion talents. But BYCO also had a small section for housewares, where designers could apply imagery to a standardized selection of pillows, duvets, and curtains — an idea that co-founders Jesse and Meredith Finkelstein have taken one step further with their new spinoff project, Print All Over Me. The site harnesses the same overseas manufacturing capabilities the pair utilize for BYCO, but instead of producing custom pieces, it offers designers a choice of eight blanks onto which they can apply any image file — think CafePress, but with shirts, sweatpants, hats, pillows, totes, and scarfs that are actually fashion-forward (Jesse’s also the designer behind the New York label JF&Son).

We were so excited about Print All Over Me’s possibilities that we invited a few friends — Will Bryant, Mel Nguyen, New Friends, Clay Hickson, and Tim Colmant — to post some items just for us. Check out a few selections from their mini-collections below, then click here to see everything in the Sight Unseen shop-in-shop. You can also create your own pieces on the site; designers make 20% on everything they sell. Have fun!
WillBryant_compWill BryantSpotted Camel Panel hat ($48), Southern Tropics tee ($38), These Are My Snack Pants sweatpants ($74), and Fall Face Panel hat ($48)MelNguyen_compMel NguyenGrid Burn tote ($28), Grass shirt ($89), and Netting sweatpants ($74)NewFriends_compNew FriendsBest Woof sweatpants ($74), Hairy Hand sweatshirt ($68), and Terrazzo pillow ($62)ClayHickson_compClay HicksonVignettes sweatshirt and Furnished sweatshirt ($68 ea)TimColmant_compTim ColmantSafari hat ($48), Afrika tee ($38), and O shirt ($89)