Eskayel’s Watercolor-Like New Wallpaper Collection

You know those Instagram feeds where it seems like the person is always off on some fantastic holiday in a remote locale? In our feed, that person is Shanan Campanaro, the multitalented artist and designer behind Eskayel. The San Diego native calls Brooklyn home, but in the past year, she’s been to Bali, Belize, Nicaragua, Vail … the list goes on. But in Campanaro’s case, all that travel isn’t necessarily just for fun — it provides inspiration as well for the watercolors that will eventually become bleached, beautiful patterns for her wallpapers and fabrics. Eskayel’s newest collection, which we’re featuring today, is called “Jangala,” which means jungle in Sanskrit. The new collection is a bit of a departure from her signature aesthetic, in that some of the colorways are more highly saturated than in the past, but the effect is the same. We love these styled shots Campanaro shared with us, with their overflowing greenery and little totems picked up on travel — not to mention their cute product loans from Rich Brilliant Willing! See more of our favorites below, and then go to Eskayel’s site to view the full collection.

hirez_photoshoot_wallpaper_hive_citron hirez_photoshoot_wallpaper_hive_waterstone hirez_photoshoot_wallpaper_nairutya_nyanza hirez_photoshoot_wallpaper_jangala_nyanza hirez_photoshoot_wallpaper_biami_hide hirez_photoshoot_wallpaper_hive_nyanza hirez_photoshoot_wallpaper_biami_night hirez_photoshoot_wallpaper_jangala_waterstone hirez_photoshoot_wallpaper_nairutya_chalk hirez_photoshoot_wallpaper_species_hide