Ashley Helvey’s #IRL Exhibition

Today on the site, we’re giving you a peek inside Seattle creative Ashley Helvey’s home and studio, but we also wanted to show you the results of the work that was being created there during our visit. Last week, at Seattle’s Love City Love art space, Helvey debuted an exhibition with possibly the best name — and best concept — we’ve heard to date: “#IRL (internet shorthand for ‘In Real Life ‘) is Helvey’s exploration and reflection on being an artist in the age of Tumblr, Instagram and the reblog,” the show text reads. “With the vast array of technological opportunities we have to broadcast our identity and redistribute images of art and design, at what point do we create our own content? #IRL presents work created by Helvey, that references images and works from the internet, many of which have been re-posted on her blog, HunterGathererer. These works, brought together under Helvey’s distinct aesthetic and material sensibility, reject the lament that there is really nothing new. Instead, this exhibition celebrates the impact of technology and social media and its wealth of imagery as direct inspiration for creating real and tangible art objects.'”


Ashley_Helvey_IRL-3099 Ashley_Helvey_IRL-3143 Ashley_Helvey_IRL-3147 Ashley_Helvey_IRL-3181 Ashley_Helvey_IRL-3165 Ashley_Helvey_IRL-3142 Ashley_Helvey_IRL-3163 Ashley_Helvey_IRL-3185 Ashley_Helvey_IRL-3114 Ashley_Helvey_IRL-3121