The Game’s New Online Shop

With Labor Day around the corner (we’ll be taking off this Monday, along with the rest of America) we’re allowing ourselves to get just a tiny bit excited about the impending fall. Sweaters, the color navy, and the smell of burning leaves are right up there among our favorite things. Fall is also the time when we stop spending our waking hours wondering when we can next get to the beach and start spending them a bit more inside on the computer, shopping for knickknacks that will make the homes we’re about to spend a whole lot more time in even cozier. Our newest destination is The Game, a brand new shop that exists both online and in two Belgian outposts, founded and curated by Alexis Ryngaert, who’s also behind of one of our all-time favorite design galleries, Victor Hunt. The Game’s original — and, we imagine, slightly stressful — conceit is that at any time, it will feature 52 design objects, but each week, one will be replaced to create a constant evolution in the shop. The international offerings range from Faye Toogood’s indigo-washed ceramics to Fort Standard’s geometric marble platters — but of course that could change at any minute. We’ve excerpted some of our favorite products, along with the excellently styled lookbook images, below.
static.squarespace-4static.squarespace-1static.squarespace-3static.squarespace-2PCM Design_REVERSEDVOLUMES_12 Reversed Volumes by Mischer’ TraxlerHD_product_euclides06 Euclid Tray by Tomas Alonsoimage014 Par Salt & Pepper Shakers by NendoDSC_0045_1024x1024 2 Cups by Diario
BERRA_1 Berra by Lucien Gumy120918-AnotherCoutnry-DavidBrook-125552 Desktop Serie by Benoit Deneufbourgtrivets04 Granite Trivets by Fort Standard