minimalist design incense holders

27 Incense Burners That Double As Art Objects

A few years ago, we noticed an uptick in the number of incense burners being produced by small-scale makers, and produced this little nothing of a story. Fast-forward two years, and that uptick has suddenly become a deluge — like jewelry once was, incense burners have become an indispensable part of a designers’ small goods line-up, as well as a place to experiment with form and materials. The rise in popularity of incense has gone hand in hand with an explosion in the world of ceramics (since incense burners can, by definition, only be made from a certain number of materials, including clay). But it all comes back to the recent popularity of cleansing rituals in general, be they part of a greater wellness trend or simply a way to reclaim some shred of sanity in these troubled times. Even better, these minimalist takes look stylish even when not in use. Breathe deep and scroll through to find where to find — and buy — our favorites right now.