Week of August 10, 2015

A weekly Saturday recap to share with you our favorite links, discoveries, exhibitions, and more from the past seven days. This week: jaw-dropping jewelry, desktop wallpaper from Baggu, and the latest and greatest in Scandi design, including the new brand AYTM, pictured above. 


AYTM1What? Another new Scandinavian housewares brand making super-elevated basics in the perfect materials and proportions, shot in the perfect still-life set ups, and we want basically everything, but god knows when it will all be available in the US? Whatever, just another Saturday, nbd.
fermliving_newfall_1Speaking of perfect-looking Scandi housewares brands, Ferm Living launched its new fall collection this week, including these simple yet beautiful vases, and we want basically everything — but god knows when it will be available in the US. (Though at least Ferm has a US e-comm site, so probably it won’t be too long!)
Formist_magazine_1This week, the Sydney-based book publisher Formist released “Not My Blotting Tissues,” which consists of precisely what its title suggests: page upon page of photographs of blotting tissues that author Tim Moore dug out of the trash pile while working for another Australian artist, Del Kathryn Barton. Presumably, they were hers. Either way, they are pretty.
ornamentum_larsson1Agnes Larsson‘s jewelry isn’t for the faint of heart — it’s made of hair, skin, and aluminum, and it’s currently on view in the Swedish artist’s second solo show with Ornamentum gallery through September 7.
Faris_KeshiMonoSeattle jewelry designer Faris Du Graf has always made beautiful things, but our jaw dropped practically to the floor when we saw her latest collection, which is full of stunning organic and painterly forms that feel 1,000% on-point for fall. Not all of the items are posted in her online shop just yet, but trust us, it’s all killer — starting with these epic Keshi Mono earrings that have pearls suspended within.
saskiapomeroy_assemblageWe’ve always loved the geometric Assemblage sculptures Saskia Pomeroy makes out of balsa wood cutouts, and her newest series, in tan and electric blue with more elongated shapes, are no exception. They’re particularly nice because they’re particularly simple — just notched shapes fitted together, like those classic airplane kits.
hjgs_jessicahans2Last night marked the launch of a cute new exclusive series of vases by Jessica Hans for Handjob Gallery Store, which lucky for you (if you didn’t attend), you can scoop right up over in the HJGS online shop. Bonus: You can complement your vase with the new screenprint by Hans that we’re now stocking for only $50!
BlackStatic_Desktop1280x1024If you’re a die-hard Baggu user like we are, you might appreciate that the brand posted, earlier this week, a series of desktop wallpapers featuring their newest summer prints, from Japanese-style woodcut clouds to a smiley face motif to that resurgent mottled pattern, pictured above, found on old composition notebooks. (We didn’t realize they’d done the same a few years back with some seriously ’70s rainbow graphics. Nice.)
valeriecollart1Our associate editor Ryland spotted the work of Valerie Collart this week, a Copenhagen-based French artist whose new series of Photogenic Objects are made from painted wood and putty. They look especially cool in the context of the rest of her recent body of work — view it all together in Collart’s online portfolio.
F-S-05-044We’ve been a little bit obsessed with another Copenhagen endeavor — Frama — ever since we spotted its lighting designs at the shop Kollekted By in Oslo. Turns out Frama also does interiors, including the Danish boutique Stig P, pictured above, for which it tried to preserve and play with the building’s existing interior architecture, by Stig Pedersen. Stay tuned for a full feature on the studio.
westkill_fadeclock2Brooklyn’s Westkill have been hand-painting clocks for awhile now, mostly with super graphic and geometric patterns, but they recently launched a small series called Fade with pretty gradients in colors like purple-to-mint and blue-to-pink.


cristinacamucho_artsyNice interview on Artsy this week with artist Cristina Camacho, a 28-year-old Colombian painter who slices into layers of colored canvases and then weaves, paints or braids the strips. See more of her work over at Artsy.
Freunde-von-Freunden-Wing-YinYau-22-930x620Freunde von Freunden just visited the home of Wing Yin Yau, the jewelry designer behind WWAKE, in Brooklyn, and chatted with her about her own taste in jewelry, her exotic travels, her daily studio life, and why she had a book in her freezer on the day of their visit. Check it out, then head to the Sight Unseen Shop to see our iridescent bronze WWAKE ring!
curbed_brentbuckCurbed has been getting so good lately (mostly because our friend, former Dwell editor Kelsey Keith, recently took the reins), with stories like this four-part townhouse renovation diary with designer Brent Allen Buck. Start from Part I, or just skip straight to the juicy stuff — serious house porn in the manner of the excerpt above.