Wonderplants Prints by Sarah Illenberger

Some of us use our summer holidays as an excuse to read, eat, unplug, and be lazy. And then there are those enviable creatures who are so thoroughly artistic that even their vacations become opportunities to create. Berlin illustrator and photographer Sarah Illenberger sits squarely in the latter group, having turned her recent six-week trip to Porto, Portugal, into an extended personal art project, collecting leaves from local botanical gardens and then decorating and photographing them for her new Wonderplants series.

I wanted to make a project using only the resources that were available, so plants, plus stickers and tape I found in local stationery and hardware stores, were my first choice,” she explains. The compositions she made with those materials — which are pictured below and are, as of this morning, available for sale as prints in her online shop — feature patterns inspired by Portugese tiles and African fabrics. Almost makes a person feel bad about spending their time off half-dozing on a beach somewhere… Almost.Dracaena surculosa Galax ureolata Ficos Anthurium andurium Anthurium Palm Yucca Musa monsterstera deliciosa