BZIPPY, Kathryn Bentley, and Waka Waka at L.A.’s Dream Collective

We’ve seen creatives collaborate in plenty of novel, inventive ways — by mailing materials back and forth, by playing games of exquisite corpse. But sometimes the best joint projects arise more loosely, like the one currently on view at Dream Collective in Los Angeles, featuring work by Bari Ziperstein, Waka Waka, and store owner/jewelry designer Kathryn Bentley. Ziperstein’s B.ZIPPY ceramics line had been stocked at Dream Collective for a year when she and Bentley decided to casually get together every Friday this summer at Ziperstein’s studio, working side by side on independent projects but swapping ideas and guidance. Ziperstein’s ceramics became fodder for the new exhibition, while Bentley’s stayed private but inspired her to create a textile based on clay surfaces, which she then applied to furniture proposed by Waka Waka’s Shin Okuda. On view at Dream Collective through September 9, the resulting works are complemented with ikebana flower arrangements by Junzo Mori, who’s been firing Ziperstein’s work for 8 years.

Ziperstein sent us a bit more background on the project. During their summer meetings, “Kathryn and Bari talked about everything from the angled structures of Cold War Brutalist architecture, to the color and patterns of the Memphis Milano movement, to thinking about raw clay surfaces reminiscent of Future Primitive sculptures. The use of column motifs, matte finishes, and dripped or spilled glaze patterns were all made by Bari with these inspirational conversations in mind.

“Kathryn has collected 19th-century spongeware pottery from flea markets for the past 15 years, which is the source of inspiration for her new textile collection. The sofa pillows and cushions are handprinted with cobalt ink using natural scoured canvas, adopting the same technique as spongeware pottery. In collaboration with Shin Okuda of Waka Waka, Kathryn paired her textile collection with Shin’s three seater plywood sofa and chair, presented in the show alongside his plywood coffee table. Influenced by the Bauhaus movement and deriving from Japanese craft techniques, Shin’s work is able to combine straight lines and dowels without the use of additional hardware.

“Kathryn has many plans for future collaborations with B.Zippy and Waka Waka.”
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