Peter Judson’s April Showers

If illustration doesn’t work out for Peter Judson, perhaps he might consider interior design as an alternate career? In the story we published on the London designer today, he revealed that for every day in April of this year, he imagined and drew a different shower stall, complete with tile schemes, hinges, Bacterio-style laminates, and geometric faucets. We’d happily incorporate any one of them into our own decor. “Most of my personal projects are a reaction to my commercial work in which I generally have to think of an intelligent succinct idea that communicates the brief. This was more of a chance to let myself create work without it feeling like work.” Check out a selection of our favorites below.

shower5 shower4 shower3 shower2 shower1 shower download (16) download (4) download (3) download (2) download (1)