David Taylor Turns Aluminum Scraps Into Furniture in The Future Perfect’s “Immaculate Object” Show

Scottish-born, Sweden-based silversmith David Taylor is a Sight Unseen favorite, having first caught our eye back in 2013 with a series of rough-luxe tabletop objects made from concrete, brass, and steel. With a new body of work debuting today at The Future Perfect, he’s upped the scale of his objects to include lighting and a few furniture items, though he’s still as fond as ever of using salvaged materials — he made all the pieces using discarded metal from an old glazing company moving out of a storefront across the street from his studio. Having shifted its business from window-making to window-installing after all of its best craftsman retired, it had dumped piles of disused materials into a container on the street. “The aluminum pipes and profiles were the most interesting to me,” Taylor says. “Some were pretty scratched up, while others still had protective film wrapped around them.” Using these as a starting point, he then proceeded to add materials like copper and carbon into the mix, the results of which are pictured below.

On view at The Future Perfect beginning today — the first simultaneous show at both the store’s New York and San Francisco locations —Taylor’s new work is part of a group show of accessories called “The Immaculate Object,” and will sit among other one-of-a-kind and limited edition works by Simon Klenell, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, Jason Miller, Ben Medansky, and Eric Roinestad.
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