Our 2015 Honorees


If you’re a regular reader of Sight Unseen, you know how passionate we are about American design, so you get how excited we are today to announce the honorees of our third annual American Design Hot List — an unapologetically subjective editorial award for the 20 names to know now in American design. The list acts as Sight Unseen’s guide to those emerging and mid-career talents influencing the design landscape in any given year, whether through standout launches, must-see exhibitions, or just our innate sense that they’d be ones to watch. We’ll be devoting the entire upcoming week to interviews with and social media coverage of our 2015 honorees. We hope you’ll follow along!

The 2015 American Design Hot List is presented in partnership with Herman Miller, a company known for working with burgeoning design practices to create industrial design classics — they’ve collaborated with everyone from Ray and Charles Eames to Yves Béhar to new talents like Leon Ransmeier and Todd Bracher, in order to explore purposeful solutions for modern living. Herman Miller is supporting the American Design Hot List because they believe that emerging talents such as our honorees provide a new lens through which to view emerging design challenges — we couldn’t agree more. Watch for additional coverage of some of our winners on Why, the Herman Miller blog, starting this week.

Meanwhile, without further ado, the 2015 honorees are…

Aleks Pollner
Alex P White
Anna Karlin
Ben & Aja Blanc
Brian Thoreen
Brook & Lyn
Calico Wallpaper
Chris Wolston
Cody Hoyt
Farrah Sit
Fort Makers
Jamie Gray
Jamie Wolfond
Material Lust
Michael Felix
Nina Cho
Only Love Is Real
Waka Waka