Guillermo Santoma Barcelona home

A Designer’s Barcelona Home, Where Color is King

In the most recent issue of Apartamento, alongside really excellent articles including an interview with Matt Connors, a photographic essay of Donald Judd’s collections, and a paper still-life series, we found this gem: Casa Horta, a 1920s single-family Barcelona home now occupied by the young designer Guillermo Santomà, who used vibrant shades of green, pink, and blue paint to delineate space as well as provide a gorgeously saturated, incredibly dramatic backdrop. Santomà gut renovated the space; “in place of an architectural plan,” he says in the magazine, “we had a team of five guys… [with] only very basic notions of construction.” But the resulting interior reverberates with life, juxtaposing traditional Spanish tile with tiny, ’80s-era pink squares, turning staircases into spare, decorative geometries, and providing a grace note of sheer silliness with a faux “skylight” that’s actually a blue ceiling painted with clouds. For his part, Santomà seems to be an eye-poppingly amazing furniture designer on the rise as well, with a show at one of our favorite galleries coming up this summer. Stay tuned for more…


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