Greenterior botanical decor

A New Book Features the Botanical Decor of Your Dreams

File this one under “why didn’t we think of it first?” This fall, Magali Elali and Bart Kiggen of the Belgian online magazine Coffeeklatch — a destination for lovely interviews and photography that’s been on our must-read list for years — released a book called Greenterior, which looks at the homes of designers and artists through the lens of their abundant houseplants. “The idea for this book originated in our online magazine Coffeeklatch, for which we visit creative entrepreneurs in their homes and have tea or coffee with them,” write Kiggen and Elali. “The large number of houseplants immediately struck us. And because we love plants so much ourselves, we ended up sharing stories, tips and cuttings during our chats.”

But the book rises above that very basic premise for many reasons, not least because many of the interiors themselves — home to artists like Martyn Thompson, Ana Kras, and Shabd Simon-Alexander — are completely stunning. Each tour is accompanied by a chat with the artist about their emotional connection to nature, as well as a guide to the greenery within — meaning readers can identify the Chinese wisteria poking out from behind a wood pile in Marc Morro’s Barcelona workshop, the fishtail palm hanging out next to a marble mantlepiece in Christian Wijnants’ Antwerp living room,or the Peruvian apple cactus towering in the corner of Muller Van Severen’s Ghent kitchen (above). A useful plant care guide — with tips on watering, light levels, and propagation — ends the book. A thoughtful and beautiful publication that — bonus — will also look great on your bookshelves.

Muller Van Severen

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Shabd Simon-Alexander


Christian Wijnants

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Kore Yoors


Marc Morro

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Schelten & Abbenes


Piet Raemdonck


Carine Vyfeyken


Bert & Pieter


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