Jesse Moretti at Patrick Parrish

A New Series of Pastel Paintings, Inspired by Floridian Hues

In her colorful, line-driven work, Brooklyn artist Jesse Moretti has always explored the space between flatness and dimensionality, and the tricks one might use to create a bridge between the two. Her newest body of work, called FOAME — on view through Tuesday at Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York — does so quite literally: In many of her paintings, Moretti employs a shadowy line that creates the illusion of a canyon carved into the wood — or, perhaps, like an X-acto knife cut into foam. Inspired by a recent residency in Florida, Moretti creates images that embody the visual language of the Southern state: “both hard-edged and soft-toned, with wavy lines and pastels both attractive and grotesque. With compositions made of air-brushed vector renderings, typographic and squiggly lines, the paintings reference the language of commercial design, Miami foam parties, and natural seafoam.” In addition to the new paintings, Moretti is debuting book of risograph prints and a custom font, available as a single edition for purchase. See some of our favorite pieces from the exhibition here today, then stop by the gallery if you’re in the area to catch it before it closes!

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