A New Berlin Creative Studio Puts the Art in Art Direction

Before forming the design studio Eurodance in Berlin last year, Tom Singier and Jean Leblanc worked as, respectively, an art director with his own gallery specializing in fine-art prints, and an illustrator for clients like Nokia and Louis Vuitton — hence they were both fully acclimated to existing in the grey area between form and function. After joining forces, they decided to kickstart their portfolio with a series of personal projects that are all made by hand and inspired by contemporary art, and are meant to underscore their multi-disciplinary approach. “We’re somewhere between artistic experimentation and graphic design,” Singier told Sight Unseen. “Our domain is graphic design, interactive direction, and photography, and our style is best described as a functional and minimal design treated in a sensual and baroque way. Some works are about spatial perceptions, some are composed with daily objects, giving them a Surrealist touch, and others just combine geometric elements to create abstract compositions.” Check out a sampling of their projects below.
projet14-05 projet14-06_100 Corde3.1 Scotch2.2 Glasses1.3 projet17-01 projet17-06 projet03-03 projet03-04 projet11-02_100 projet12-03 projet15-01 projet15-03 projet05-01 projet05-03 projet05-05 projet04-06 projet13-08