We May Have Just Found the Holy Grail of Rugs

If there was an MVP of the most recent New York Design Week, it was the German-born, New York–based designer Alex Proba, who, in a series of high-profile collaborations, went from being known primarily as a graphic designer to the co-author of everything from a confetti-like, ceiling-hung sculpture (with CHIAOZZA) to the coolest indoor fountain you’ve ever seen (with Bower). The quietest of those collaborations was a collection of gorgeously sophisticated rugs created in tandem with textile genius Aelfie Oudghiri that strike a much-sought-after — but rarely achieved — aesthetic balance: They’re basic enough to go with almost anything, but stylish enough to anchor a well-designed room. The holy grail of rugs.

A year ago, the two debuted their first, limited-edition rug collection together, with its geometric glyphs inspired by early Internet graphics, to wide acclaim. In this second outing, which was launched during design week at Matter, those geometric underpinnings remain, but the monochromatic collection is softer and more refined in its execution, with the patterns evoked only by pile height rather than color or texture. Each rug is made to order in an unlimited edition from hand-tufted or hand-knotted wool or silk, and is available in a positive or negative pair. The inspiration for the collection comes from the effect of light reflecting on a surface, a theme that’s carried through in the gorgeous lookbook pics, by photographer Ben Pogue, that we’re excerpting today on the site.

Hero-flower Hero-flowers-tugged Random-navy-blush Dual-blush-grey-3 Dual-green-creme Dual-purple-black Hero-stacked Random-grey-purple Hero-flower-4 Hero-flowers-tugged-2 AelfieXProba-Rugs-Col2-single highres AelfieXProba-Rugs-Col2-single highres2 AelfieXProba-Rugs-Col2-single highres7 AelfieXProba-Rugs-Col2-single highres8 AelfieXProba-Rugs-Col2-single highres5 AelfieXProba-Rugs-Col2-single highres6 AelfieXProba-Rugs-Col2-single highres3 AelfieXProba-Rugs-Col2-single highres4