New Perspective-Bending Works By Eindhoven Duo OS ∆ OOS

A few months ago, Sight Unseen visited the Eindhoven studio of OS ∆ OOS‘s Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen and quoted Peet saying the duo are “definitely not artists; we’re designers. We like to make functional projects.” Yet that doesn’t mean they never dabble. Their latest body of work — on view now in a solo exhibition at Zurich’s Roehrs & Boetsch gallery — includes not only cast-concrete updates on their neon-tube Primary Fluorescents lights, but also two large sculptural works whose only purpose is to delight and tease the eye. Playing with similar properties as their Bipolar tables and Syzygy lamps, Perspective No. 1 and Perspective No. 2 feature polarized glass sheets that shift in shade and appearance based on either the vantage point of the viewer, or the rotational positions their movable elements are placed in. Check out the two new series below, or scope out the full show — which includes some of OS ∆ OOS’s greatest hits, via this link.OS_OOS_Perspective1_1OS & OOS, Perspective No. 2OS_OOS_Perspective2_2OS & OOS, Perspective No. 2OS_OOS_Perspective2_3OS & OOS, Perspective No. 2OS_OOS_Perspective2OS & OOS, Perspective No. 2OS_OOS_Perspective1OS & OOS, Perspective No. 1OS_OOS_Perspective1_3OS & OOS, Perspective No. 1 OS_OOS_Perspective1_2OS & OOS, Perspective No. 1 OS_OOS_PrimaryFluorescents6OS & OOS, Primary Fluorescents — Cast EditionOS_OOS_PrimaryFluorescents5OS & OOS, Primary Fluorescents — Cast Edition OS_OOS_PrimaryFluorescents3OS & OOS, Primary Fluorescents — Cast Edition OS_OOS_PrimaryFluorescents4OS & OOS, Primary Fluorescents — Cast Edition OS_OOS_PrimaryFluorescents2OS & OOS, Primary Fluorescents — Cast Edition OS_OOS_PrimaryFluorescents1OS & OOS, Primary Fluorescents — Cast Edition