The Coolest Glass Chairs Since Kuramata

A few months ago, we published an interior renovation by Barcelona designer Guillermo Santomá that went epically viral on Instagram, Pinterest, and pretty much every other social media network that exists. And it’s easy to understand why — not only is Santomá a master of paint color, his interior work also shows an acute understanding of things like just how much geometry is enough and how interesting cuts in the architecture can lift a just-great renovation into something otherworldly. At the time, we hinted that a furniture line was in the works, and over the past few months, Santomá has released a series of chairs that embody many of those same principles. For Mirage, Santomá’s March exhibition at Étage Projects, he created a series of organic, landscape-like glass chairs and displayed them with neon lights on a plinth made of sand; for a Dries Van Noten film he created the more geometric, Kuramata-esque series in the second half of this post, which is now on view at Side Gallery in Barcelona. In between, he’s created metal chairs, chairs made from glass and rock, chairs made from bathroom tiles — oh and don’t forget the indoor swimming pool installation he created this week for Barcelona Design Week. We like where this is headed.

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