If You Love Music and Minimalist Interiors, Read This

If you read this blog, you probably put more thought into the spaces you live in and the objects you live with than most people — I’ve spent the past two weeks doing twice-daily coffee table searches on eBay and Craigslist, while Jill, whose living room is pictured at the top of this post, probably has enough art to open her own gallery. If you tried to give either one of us a huge, tech-y looking subwoofer that clashed with our vintage B&B Italia sectionals, we’d laugh you right out of the room. That, in a nutshell, is what we love about Sonos: Their speakers are designed not to stand out, but to blend in with and complement your minimalist interior. And that’s why their newly launched White Sub — the understated square object you see in between Jill’s copper Yield planter and hand-carved James Carroll ladder — isn’t fancy- or crazy-looking, it’s just… white. (Or, if you’re into darker vibes… black.)

To prove that point, the brand marked the release of their White Sub not with some limited-edition audiophile accessory or bass-heavy playlist, but with a smoked-oak and velvet chair custom-made for Sonos by Søren Rose and the Danish brand KBH (pictured below). At a talk last week moderated by our friend Kelsey Keith, editor of Curbed, Rose explained that Sonos sent him “on a mission to try to make the perfect chair for a listening experience,” and he responded with a Scandi-modern–influenced mini-loveseat that underscores the Sub’s ability to fit into the kind of contemporary interiors we all love so much. “On some level a sub is a ridiculous object,” said Sonos lead designer Tad Toulis at the same talk. “You’re really fetishizing your music to think, I need to spend money to really feel the bass. A sub is such a man-toy, but if you make it white, you twist that proposition a little bit.” Check out both the sub and the chair for yourself at the Sonos global flagship store in Soho, and then start fantasizing about what other household items Sonos could redesign if given the chance…

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