These $50 Posters Are a Serious Score

At the risk of overloading Sight Unseen with affordable art — not that such a thing seems possible, really — this week marked the launch of yet another great inexpensive poster series on yet another great art site. Created by the multi-disciplinary Danish design studio Atelier CPH, who have contributed a few different editions to The Poster Club already, the duo of images pictured above were inspired by ’70s colors and abstracted faces, and they look like something you’d be psyched to unearth at an antique mall for five times the price. These are only 49 to 89 Euros each, and they come with the cache of a creative duo whose clients include Kinfolk, Ferm Living, and Norm Architects. Snag one here.

PHOTOS BY MORTEN BENTZONposter_club_ateliercph_morten_bentzon_2017_01_lowres poster_club_ateliercph_morten_bentzon_2017_03_lowres 50x70_poster_club_ateliercph_01_new 50x70_poster_club_ateliercph_02_new poster_club_ateliercph_morten_bentzon_2017_04_lowres poster_club_ateliercph_morten_bentzon_2017_05_lowres poster_club_ateliercph_morten_bentzon_2017_06_lowres poster_club_ateliercph_morten_bentzon_2017_02b_lowres