A Danish Textile Designer Who Alternates Between Geometrics and Abstraction

More proof that our love for organic shapes has begun to outpace our affection for geometrics — while we can appreciate both types of patterns employed in the work of Berit Mogensen Lopez, a Danish textile designer, we’re more partial to the rounded, overlapping, abstract fields seen at the top of this post and throughout. Though Lopez has been working in fashion for years, as well as creating art prints for outlets like The Poster Club and Stilleben, her work was a new, exhilarating discovery for us this week. And what do you know? Turns out Lopez has trouble pledging allegiance to a particular aesthetic as well: “It has always fascinated me to alternate between the balance and harmony of nature and the skewed and uncontrolled,” she says. The thread underpinning all of her work — fashion, art prints, wood assemblages, and even an incredible set of hand-tufted rugs — is collage, which she creates either analog-style, from paper, or digitally by scanning elements into a simple composition. Take a peek at some of our favorite works here.

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