Matt Paweski Chose Art Over Design — But We Forgive Him

Years ago, when we first profiled Matt Paweski, we got so excited about his colorful furniture that we found ourselves mapping out a future with him in our heads — he’d show at Sight Unseen OFFSITE, he’d land a spot on the American Design Hot List, we’d make him part of our world. Alas, it was not to be: Paweski’s roots have always been in art — and specifically, in drawing, and how sculptural forms can follow from drawings — and art is what’s occupied his portfolio pretty much ever since. His newest body of work, which went on view today at Herald St. gallery in London, sees him focusing on cut and folded aluminum plates as a way to depict “sculptural qualities from nature – organic qualities – paired with details from the constructed world – geometric qualities,” he says in a catalog interview. It’s a strategy any designer could appreciate, and that goes double for the results. Check them out below.

MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_18 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_11 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_8 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_2 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_16 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_15 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_1 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_17 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_10 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_14 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_13 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_6 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_5 MattPaweski_HeraldStreet_3

Photos: Individual images of sculptures courtesy Herald St, London, photo Ruben Diaz; installation images courtesy Herald St, London, photo Andy Keate