Your Search for the Perfect Coffee Table Ends Here

What is it with designers named Jonathan? Our preoccupation with the Perth, Australia–born, Los Angeles–based Jonathan Zawada in some ways reminds us of the way we feel about Jonathan Muecke — they don’t release new work all that often, but when they do, we seem to want every single piece of it. In Zawada’s case, that spartan output may be a professional necessity — Zawada spends much of his time creating digital art, album covers, and advertisements in his more commercial practice. But this week finally saw the official expansion of Zawada’s Affordances line, which we first covered way back in 2013. Those chic side tables are back, in even cooler material combinations, and they now have a coffee table to match: Called Affordances #8 (a piece of the π), the table is made from two slotted pieces — a rose-colored marble and a blue-and-white engineered stone — with a green onyx slice acting as a keystone between the two. The collection also includes a series of vessels that can be either vases or candleholders; made from plumbing pipe and inspired by the Snake game from early 2000s Nokia phones, the pieces are available in brass or in hydro-dipped enamel, which gives them the appearance of a three-dimensional section of Calico Wallpaper. Finally, check out that ultra-cozy beanbag: ​two interlocking torus shapes made from suede and Kvadrat wool. On view now at the Los Angeles concept shop Just One Eye.

DSCF4832 DSCF4995 DSCF4713 DSCF4711 copper-lamp-off lamp-base-full DSCF4764 DonutLamp-off piece-o-the-pie-4 DSCF4827 DSCF4945 DSCF4963 DSCF4714 DSCF4716 piece-o-the-pie-1