We Already Can’t Wait For This Exhibition of Norwegian Designers in Milan

Where has a year gone? It feels like just yesterday we were swooning over the images from this stellar exhibition in Milan of Norwegian designers (and getting excited for our own inaugural show with some of those same talents). Now it’s nearly Milan time again, and with it comes news of a brand new show of young Norwegians, this time curated by our friend Katrin Greiling under the umbrella “Everything is Connected.” The show will bring together “24 designers, studios and craftspeople to explore not only the products and prototypes they create, but also the relationships, connections, and collaborations that enable them to do so. The result is effectively a living ‘map’ of Norwegian creativity and production infrastructure.” With exhibition design by one of our favorite set design duos, Kråkvik & D’Orazio, this promises to be one of the highlights of Milan Design Week. Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the exhibition; go here to learn more.

ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_FalkeSvatun ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_00_photography-Lasse-Fløde_01 ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_Bjørn van den Berg ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_Sara Polmar ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_Ann Kristen Einarsen ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_Martin-Solem ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_noidoi ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_Vera & Kyte_01 ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_Jenkins and Uhnger ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_Silje Nesdal ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_Marianne Andersen ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_Kiyoshi Yamamoto ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_Jonas Stokke ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_Live Berg Olsen ZETTELER_Everything-Is-Connected_Milan2017_photography-Lasse-Fløde_Andreas Bergsaker