Soft Baroque furniture inspired by Photoshop

Soft Baroque’s New Furniture Collection is Inspired by Photoshop

For their first collection, New Surface Strategies, Nicholas Gardner and Saša Štucin of Soft Baroque turned physical objects — in this case, a suite of Enzo Mari–inspired plywood seats — into something digital: onto the seats’ chroma flocked surfaces, the duo projected a stream of images depicting various textures, turning the chairs into something like screens for sitting. For their newest collection, which debuted at Patrick Parrish gallery last night, they did the exact opposite: Called Hard Round, the series is about manifesting something physical from a purely digital realm — in this case, a series of sculptural furniture pieces constructed from lines derived from the Photoshop “hard round” brush toolThe “worms,” as they’re called, have been transformed from digital sketches into a series of charmingly lumpy wood, marble, or aluminum pieces that range from vases to shelving. On view through May 6.


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