Fernando Mastrangelo Escape Series

Outfit Your Whole House With These Magical Desert Sand Sculptures

For Drift, the inaugural collection launched by Fernando Mastrangelo last year at Collective Design, the Brooklyn-based designer was inspired by his travels to the Grand Canyon and through the glacial landscapes of Patagonia. For his follow-up series, Escape, which debuted over the last two weeks in Milan first at Rossana Orlandi Gallery, then in New York at Maison Gerard, Mastrangelo proves he’s still under the influence of exotic landscapes and the beauty of things found in nature. Here, he takes a giant leap forward in terms of color and his experimental approach to materials, layering hand-dyed granules — including sand, coffee, powdered glass, and silica — to create an ethereal suite of furniture, inspired by his trips to the American Southwest. With an entire set for your living room — bench, credenza, coffee table, desk, and a shelving unit shaped like the fin of a surfboard — each piece takes on the qualities of a three-dimensional landscape painting in rich blues, creams, purples, and browns. Mastrangelo’s construction is poetic and timeless, inspiring fantasy and utility. Be sure to check out the Escape series now on view at Maison Gerard in New York until May 13.

FMs_Escape_Bench_02 FMs_Escape_Bench_03 FMs_Escape_Bench_04 FMs_Escape_Bench_05 FMs_Escape_Bookcase_09 FMs_Escape_Bookcase_03 FMs_Escape_Bookcase_02 FMs_Escape_CoffeeTable_01
FMs_Escape_CoffeeTable_06 FMs_Escape_Desk_02
FMs_Escape_Desk_05 FMs_Escape_Desk_06 FMs_Escape_Group_01