A Designer-Made Breakfast Cafe at the Venice Biennale

For the opening of the Venice Biennale last week, the city’s A plus A gallery hosted a three-day Breakfast Pavilion — part curatorial project, part café — where art could be discussed, produced, performed, and eaten. Curators Marco Campardo and Lorenzo Mason of M–L–XL, along with Luca Lo Pinto and designer Maria Jeglinska, invited artists Anna Sophie Berger, Olaf Nicolai, and Sight Unseen favorite Nicole Wermers to host and conceptualize each of the breakfasts, while more than two dozen designers outfitted the space with objects like textured glass vases by Silo Studio, hanging lights by Katrin Greiling, and stools by everyone from Kristoffer Sundin to Oskar Zieta to M–L–XL themselves. Among the actual fare were a soft boiled egg topped with a “sanded-down croissant” — presented in conjunction with Wermers’s recent book Croissants & Architecture — and Olaf Nicolai’s chunks of drinking chocolate carved into busts of Duchamp. Check out the images below.


the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-1 the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-5 the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-3 MLXL-forato-green the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-0141 the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-0352 the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-0194 Kristoffer-Sundin-stool the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-0223 Valentina Cameranesi the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-0267 Simon-Klenell-mirror the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-0399 the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-0606 the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-0481 the_breakfast_pavilion_ph_claudia_zalla-0557