This Curator Turned Her 12th-Century Castle Into a Design Gallery


The design world hit the jackpot the day that Alice Stori Lichtenstein moved into her family’s 12th-century castle, known as Schloss Hollenegg — it could have been an aristocrat, a banker, or a diplomat decamping to the Austrian countryside, but instead it was a design curator, who’s since turned her sprawling, grandiose home (or a small sliver of it, anyway) into a residency program and exhibition space. Schloss Hollenegg for Design, as it’s called, is sort of like a Villa Noailles on steroids; Lichtenstein launched her program in 2015 by inviting Dean Brown, Dossofiorito, and Mischer’traxler to spend at least a week in the castle creating new work, then last year mounted an exhibition featuring the results while simultaneously hosting Lex Pott and Stephanie Hornig as 2016 residents. Then earlier this month, she unveiled their projects plus new work by 19 other international designers. Titled Morphosis, this year’s exhibition focused on “the manner in which an organism or any of its parts changes form or undergoes development,” and featured objects by Sabine Marcelis, Nel Verbeke, Zanelotto Bortotto, Germans Ermics, Marcin Rusak, and many more. See the full list here, then check out the jaw-dropping images of the show below.Morphosis_ph.Federico_Florian_02 Morphosis_ph.Federico_Florian_04Lex Pott_01_ph.Federico Floriani_2Lex PottStephanie Hornig_01_ph.Federico FlorianiStephanie HornigStephanie Hornig_02_ph.Federico FlorianiStephanie HornigBreaded Escalope_ph Federico FlorianiBreaded Escalopedean_brown_ph Federico FlorianiDean Brown
Germans Ermics_ph Federico FlorianiGermans Ermicslucia_massarri_ph Federico FlorianiLucia MassariMarlene Huissoud_ph Federico FlorianiMarlene HuissoudNel Verbeke_ph Federico FlorianiNel VerbekeOdd_Matter_ph.Federico FlorianiOdd MatterStudio_Furthermore_ph.Federico Floriani Studio FurthermoreZanellato Bortotto_ph Federico FlorianiZanelloto Bortotto