The Cool Girl Cape Town Jewelry Brand At the Top of Our Wish List

When we stumbled upon Margot Molyneux‘s Cape Town fashion boutique earlier this year on holiday in South Africa, we walked away with not one but two new obsessions: In addition to Molyneux’s effortlessly chic clothes and interior, we also couldn’t stop thinking about the jewelry line we’d seen there, made from thin slices of organically shaped brushed brass. Called Waif, the line is a labor of love by former ad woman and self-taught jewelry designer Gisele Human, who we’ve been assiduously following on Instagram, waiting for news of a new collection to drop. We got our wish this week when Human unveiled her Technicolor Melodrama collection, in which many pieces mix Human’s signature metals with stones like malachite, sodalite, and Dalmatian jasper. (We might have already ordered two pieces to arrive by mid-summer; you know how we like a statement earring.) Check out some of our favorites below — including the Sleeping Faces mobile, the only non-wearable in the collection and, naturally, one of our favorites.

WAIF-Technicolor-Melodrama-13 JasperRed_1080x WAIF - Technicolor Melodrama WAIF - Technicolor Melodrama WAIF - Technicolor Melodrama Lapis1_1512x WAIF-Technicolor-Melodrama-15 Jasperbrooch_1728x WAIF-Technicolor-Melodrama-9 malachite2_1512x MalachitePlain_1512x WAIF - Technicolor Melodrama WAIF - Technicolor Melodrama WAIF-Technicolor-Melodrama-4 WAIF-Technicolor-Melodrama-19 WAIF - Technicolor Melodrama WAIF-Technicolor-Melodrama-39