Graphic Wallpaper and Rugs By 20 Of Your Favorite Designers

Another straggler from Milan, a #tbt, and another great rug situation, this one courtesy of the Italian brand Karpeta and its sister wallpaper line Texturae, which debuted last year and returned to Milan in 2017 with one of the more show-stopping presentations. In a warren of rooms inside a former Milanese theater and schoolhouse, creative director Chiara Andreatti created high-impact installations of graphic wallpaper and rugs created by 20 different collaborators, including Alex Proba, Jakub Zak, Zanellato Bortotto, Elisa Ossino, Brit Van Nerven, BCXSY, and Valentina Cameranesi. Peep our favorites below.

texturae_3 texturae_5 09_PS_MDW2017_TEXTURAE+KARPETA_SETUP_ph.GiadaMordini texturae_17 06_PS_MDW2017_TEXTURAE+KARPETA_SETUP_ph.GiadaMordini 16_PS_MDW2017_TEXTURAE+KARPETA_SETUP_ph.GiadaMordini texturae_20 59_PS_MDW2017_TEXTURAE_SETUP_ph.GiadaMordini texturae_31