Looking for a Graphic Rug? This French Brand Makes the Best Ones We’ve Seen

Here at Sight Unseen, summer has traditionally been our quietest season, a time when we process the chaos of the spring and meditate on what our future might hold. (We do this, of course, while beaching on the far end of Long Island, or traveling to Berlin and Greece, as you do). This year, that also means unearthing stories that might have fallen by the wayside, like the new collection CC-Tapis unveiled in Milan this April. We found their showroom at the end of an epic day of walking and the cool space inside — designed for the occasion in dark lacquer and raw wool by Faye Toogood — was one of the best things we saw all week. The brand, an offshoot of a traditional French rug house founded in 2011, has been seemingly everywhere lately, from Studiopepe’s apartment showcase The Visit to Ladies & Gentlemen’s recent Soho interiors project with SP01. And no wonder — CC-Tapis’s designers tend to play with materials and weaving patterns to devise rugs that look nothing like you’ve seen before. We especially love the new, Memphis-inspired Mae Engelgeer patterns (above and below) as well as the more subtle offerings by Faye Toogood, who raided her materials library for samples of vulcanized rubber, distressed plaster, and security mesh to translate into more textural pieces. Check out our favorites below.

Mae Engelgeer

cc-tapis_Bliss wall yellow_by Mae Engelgeer cc-tapis_Bliss round red_by Mae Engelgeer cc-tapis_Bliss yellow_by Mae Engelgeer

Patricia Urquiola

cc-tapis_Rotazioni A by Patricia Urquiola cc-tapis_Rotazioni B_by Patricia Urquiola cc-tapis | VISIONI SOIE A 2017 by Patricia Urquiola cctapis_showroom_federicotorra_01

Alex Proba

cc-tapis_The One_by Alex Proba cc-tapis_The Other_by Alex Proba

Faye Toogood

cc-tapis_Quilt raw_by Faye Toogood cc-tapis_Thread_by Faye Toogood cctapis_showroom_federicotorra_12 cctapis_showroom_federicotorra_08

Chiara Andreatti

cc-tapis_Fasuma A_by Chiara Andreatti1 cc-tapis_Fasuma B_by Chiara Andreatti