Ariele Alasko’s New Work Has Taken a Decidedly Adventurous Turn

If you’re one of the nearly half a million people who follow Ariele Alasko on Instagram, chances are you’re interested in one of three things: 1. Her dog, a Pitbull-Boxer mix named Mazie, who has her own Instagram feed and Design Milk column. 2. Her original woodworking claim to fame — i.e. graphic, chevron-like furniture pieces and headboards, made from pieces of lath, or the three-quarter inch slats of wood often found behind plaster when doing demolition in Brooklyn’s older townhomes. 3. The sculptural, unpredictable results of her carving, which, in the past few years, has yielded everything from spalted maple combs to chainsaw-hacked cedar candleholders. In recent months, perhaps prompted by a recent move from Brooklyn to the West Coast, Alasko’s sculptures have become even more adventurous: chubby, U shaped brushes; thick, bleached squiggles; chain-linked chunks of striped cherry. We reached out for images of a few of our favorites to share with you here today.

18809312_113408865917537_8388730771640156160_n copy maple_carvings_04 Maple_brush_14 walnut_brushes_06 walnut_brushes_01 ariele_alasko_studio_01 ariele_alasko_cedar_candleholder cedar_chain_carving_04 ariele_alasko_maple_brush hazelnut_spoons_03 walnut_brush_01 walnut_brushes_16