Salvatore Fiume Italian Ceramicist

Meet the Late Italian Ceramicist Inspiring Today’s Coolest Artists

As trend scouts, avid social media consumers, and Google Image Search addicts, we often happen across works, names, and images that cause our internal YES bells to go off. Usually these discoveries get logged to our Pinterest page and otherwise forgotten, but sometimes they linger in our minds, either as key indicators of some larger movement or as key precursors that deserve a second look. Starting today, we’ve decided to give them the airtime they deserve in our new Current Obsession column, the first of which is devoted to Salvatore Fiume — the late Italian painter, ceramicist, architect, writer, and stage designer whose lumpy, curvaceous sculptures seem to be having a resurgence in the work of contemporary artists and designers like Sigve Knutson, Thomas Barger, and Carl Emil Jacobsen. We first spotted Fiume’s own work in an antique shop in Hudson in 2015, but only awakened to its current influence earlier this year; luckily Chicago’s Casati Gallery is just as big a fan as we are, as we have them to thank for all the images you see below.
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