The 40+ Biggest Breakout Talents at Dutch Design Week 2017

When we first covered Dutch Design Week back in 2012, arts funding in the Netherlands had been slashed and the Design Academy Eindhoven had gone through a major directorial shake-up, making us worry that the halcyon days of Dutch design might be nearing an end. Five years later, though, we’re happy to report that no such thing has occurred — the DAE is still churning out forward-thinking talents, the Dutch Invertuals project keeps plucking incredible designers seemingly out of thin air and inspiring them to make masterful objects, and Dutch Design Week itself keeps upping the bar on industry/designer collaborations. Have a look at this year’s mega-roundup, below, to see what we mean.

Transitions III, Baars & Bloemhoff

DDW17_Baars_Bloemhoff_BartvanUdenBart Joachim van Uden DDW17_Baars_Bloemhoff_GroupWorks by participants Mae Engelgeer, Studio Truly Truly, Bart Joachim van Uden, Floris Wubben, Christian Heikoop, and Job van den Berg
DDW17_Baars_Bloemhoff_TrulyTrulyTruly Truly DDW17_Baars_Bloemhoff_MaeEngelgeer2Mae Engelgeer DDW17_Baars_Bloemhoff_MaeEngelgeerMae Engelgeer DDW17_Baars_Bloemhoff_MaeEngelgeer3Mae Engelgeer DDW17_Baars_Bloemhoff_ChristianHeikoopChristian Heikoop (all Transitions III photos by Floor Knaapen)

De Intuitiefabriek

DDW17_DeIntuitiefabriek_FlockColumns DDW17_DeIntuitiefabriek_FlockColumns3 DDW17_DeIntuitiefabriek_FlockColumns4 DDW17_DeIntuitiefabriek_FlockColumns6 DDW17_DeIntuitiefabriek_Arches DDW17_DeIntuitiefabriek_Arches2

Design Academy Eindhoven

DDW17_DAE_FransjeGimbrereFransje Gimbrere DDW17_DAE_LaurenLeerdam_PAPERTHINLauren Leerdam DDW17_DAE_MarijaEondovicMarija Eondovic DDW17_DAE_FlorenceLouisyFlorence Louisy DDW17_DAE_mirjamdebruijnMirjam de Bruijn DDW17_DAE_SimoneSmelt_SpeculumSimone Smelt DDW17_DAE_tamara_van_roijTamara Van Roij

What’s Your DNA?

DDW17_DNA_GroupWorks by Andréason & Leibel, Hannah Hansdotter, Kunsik Choi, Ola Giertz, Stoft, Glen Baghurst, Jenny Nordberg, Naemi Gustavsson, and Sara Robertsson DDW17_DNA_GlenBaghurst_OrotundTableGlen Baghurst DDW17_DNA_StoftStudio_TABLEStoft

Dutch Invertuals — Enlighten (in collaboration with Luxaflex)

DDW17_Invertuals_EnlightenThomas Ballouhey
DDW17_Invertuals_Enlighten2Thomas Ballouhey
DDW17_Invertuals_Enlighten4Mila & Adriaan
DDW17_Invertuals_Enlighten5Mila & Adriaan
DDW17_Invertuals_Enlighten6Lea Baert

Dutch Invertuals — Fundamentals

Dutch Invertuals - FundamentalsExhibition design by Daphna Laurens
Dutch Invertuals - FundamentalsRaw Color
Dutch Invertuals - FundamentalsNiels Heymans & Emilie Pallart
Dutch Invertuals - FundamentalsMilou Voorwinden
Dutch Invertuals - FundamentalsThomas Ballouhey

Painting Leather by Jenny Nordberg

DDW17_JennyNordberg_PaintingLeather DDW17_JennyNordberg_PaintingLeather2 DDW17_JennyNordberg_PaintingLeather3 DDW17_JennyNordberg_PaintingLeather5 DDW17_JennyNordberg_PaintingLeather7

The Young Collectors, by Studio Thier & Van Daalen

DDW17_TheYoungCollectorsFeaturing work by Alei Verspoor – PACK, David Derksen, Handmade Industrials, De Intuitiefabriek, Lotte Douwes, Maarten Baptist – JOINE, Mae Engelgeer, Max Lipsey, Nienke Sybrandy, Noortje de Keijzer, Noortje x Noortje, NIGHTSHOP, Rick Tegelaar, Rive Roshan, Rik ten Velden, Salem van der Swaagh, Saskia Schreven, Snodevormgevers, Studio Thier&vanDaalen, Studio TOIMII, Tessa Koot, and Wieland Vogel DDW17_TheYoungCollectors2 DDW17_TheYoungCollectors4 DDW17_TheYoungCollectors3

In4nite (in collaboration with Low & Bonar)

DDW17_In4nite_MiekevandenHoutMieke van den Hout DDW17_In4nite_DanaDijkgraafDana Dijkgraaf DDW17_In4nite_JorisdeGrootJoris de Groot DDW17_In4nite_KlaasKuikenKlaas Kuiken DDW17_In4nite_RickTegelaarRick Tegelaar