A Swedish Design Collective Turning Factory Waste Into Covetable Objects

Who knew a collection of waste — from industries spanning across southern Sweden — could come together in such a beautiful way? Using glass, sheet metal, acrylic, stone, and brick, a design collective called Malmö Upcycling Service has created a collection of household goods and decorative objects, from a circular standing mirror to a series of vases with interchangeable glass parts. The collaboration, from industrial designers Anna Gudmundsdottir, Britt Jönsson, and Emilia Borgvall, is meant to change the perception of waste so that it is seen as a resource rather than a byproduct. Each piece can be displayed or easily disassembled; take a chic terrazzo-looking base and combine it with a catchall dish, or keep all the pieces separate as lovely odds and ends — incidentally, the name of the collection.


Odds&Ends_1 Odds&Ends_4 Odds&Ends_2 Odds&Ends_9 Odds&Ends_8 Odds&Ends_10 Odds&Ends_5 Odds&Ends_6 Odds&Ends_3