Hem, Our Go-To Destination for Accessible, Scandinavian-Inspired Design, Just Popped Up in NYC

America has a furniture problem: If you are young, aesthetically minded, and upwardly mobile but not quite rich, where do you buy your furniture? When you’re looking for something with more staying power than Urban Outfitters, a greater cool factor than CB2, and less ubiquitous than West Elm, where do you turn? For the last few years, whenever we’ve been asked that question (which is, to be honest, all the damn time), we’ve answered: Have you heard of Hem? The Swedish direct-to-consumer design brand has an impeccable pedigree — with its list of Sight Unseen–approved contributors, from Max Lamb to Sylvain Willenz to Philippe Malouin — and its price point is neither scarily cheap nor unattainably expensive. So when we got news that Hem was temporarily setting up shop in New York this fall, we were thrilled to finally have a brick and mortar address towards which to direct your queries.

Located in the same Soho space that hosted this amazing pop-up last spring, 325 W. Broadway, the shop is open through November. And in addition to highlighting Hem’s latest offerings (I’ve got my eye on that white, splatter-painted Max Lamb stool for a certain 2-year-old I know), the shop is also showcasing a curated selection of tabletop ceramics from Patrick Parrish Gallery, watches from TID, colorful acoustic panels by BAUX, and plants — available for sale — from Greenery NYC.


Hem_PopUp_HR_11 Hem_PopUp_HR_5 Hem_PopUp_HR_2 Hem_PopUp_HR_3 Hem_PopUp_HR_7 Hem_PopUp_HR_9 Hem_PopUp_HR_4