Brancusi-inspired sculptures Moncada Rangel

Brancusi-Inspired Shapes in a Crayola-Inspired Palette

If Constantin Brancusi had worked with papier-mâché and primary colors rather than bronze and neutrals, you might get a collection like “Primitives” — a project initiated by the Italian creative agency Moncada Rangel Studio for a model-making course they recently led at the Design Academy in Syracuse, Sicily. Each of the nine papier-mâché coated, plywood geometric forms is meant to blur the line between exhibit and display. Simple and primitive but unique in their texture and shape, each is a mini-stage that’s arresting enough to stand on its own, from a pinkish red tripod-shaped mass to a pair of blue blocks, stacked and twisted. The displays — recently acquired by a Sicilian brand of cosmetics — are currently being shown in a small gallery and retail space on the island of Ortygia.

Francesco Moncada_7 Francesco Moncada_5 Francesco Moncada_2 Francesco Moncada_8 Francesco Moncada_3 Francesco Moncada_4 Francesco Moncada_6 Francesco Moncada_9 Francesco Moncada_10 _MOZ1484