A Landlocked Restaurant That Feels Like The 1970s Italian Riviera

What if the coolest design chair of 2017 isn’t by Germans Ermics or Anna Karlin or Martino Gamper, but by… Marcel Breuer? The late Hungarian designer’s iconic Cesca chair in tubular, cantilevered steel has been popping up everywhere lately, helped along by a renewed interest in everything chrome. (Although maybe the chair never truly went away in the first place?) The latest project to use Breuer’s 1928 masterpiece as a focal point is Barca’s, a three-story restaurant in Turin that was recently completed by Italian architect Fabio Fantolino. Here the chair is upholstered in dusty pink suede, while the sofas are done in sea-blue velvet, green cotton twill and a mustard-y Alcantara, making it one of the best examples of the current ’70s throwback color trend we’ve seen to date. We also love the Ponti-inspired circular cutouts, the De Maria–like laminate tables, and the pops of blue that make the restaurant seem like it could be situated on the Amalfi Coast. Check out our favorite interior moments below.


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