Spanish office interiors

Mustard Curtains and Mondrian-Inspired Tiles Are Totally Making This Madrid Ad Office

We only ever focus on office spaces when they are exceptionally cool, but these days it seems like more and more fit the bill. Our most recent office interiors obsession is Mr. Hyde, an ad agency based in Madrid, whose cozy factor rivals work-from-home facsimiles like The Wing. To revamp a historic building in that aesthetically pleasing “lifestyle” way, the agency enlisted the help of Spanish interiors studio Casa Josephine. Brothers and co-founders Íñigo and Rodrigo Aragón unearthed the building’s original plans — from before it was a bar or a motorcycle workshop — and layered the space with color (primary and geometric tilework, very Mondrian), texture (lush mustard drapery and the softest looking chairs), and so much life (excellent lighting and breathable space).
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