A New Furniture Collection That Merges Two Top Design Trends

Somewhere around 2015, two major design trends emerged that — from time to time — have also subsequently converged. The first, alluded to in this New York Times story, is something we immediately began calling “warm minimalism,” referring to the blonde wood / muted pastels / brass / simple shapes combo that’s still going strong; the second is the Dimore Studio brand of understated glamour that skews slightly more classic, in richer textures and tones. When they’re combined, you get work like New York designer Robert Sukrachand‘s newest collection, debuting today at the AD Design show: His bent-glass Cyc Mirrors, inspired by the cycloramas he used to shoot on when he worked as a photographer, have a warm golden cast, while his Torus tables are wrapped in luxe beige and rust microsuede. “Bringing texture and warmth into unusual surfaces is an idea I’ve been interested in exploring for some time,” he says. Check out the results below.Torus_4_Coffee Torus_1_Coffee Cyc_Floor_1 Cyc_Floor_2 Torus_2_Side Torus_3_Side Torus_Shelving_1 Torus_Shelving_3 Torus_Shelving_2 Cyc_Wall_2