An Immersive Interplay of Light and Color at Volume Gallery in Chicago

The Chicago studio Luftwerk have made a career out of exploring the interplay of color, light, and colored light, as so many artists before them have done and so many will continue to do. But the defining factor of their work has always been its interaction with architecture, whether the duo were projection-mapping a light show onto Falling Water or bouncing trippy patterns off Anish Kapoor’s bean in Millennial Park. This month, however, they left behind that construct to mount their first solo gallery show, at Chicago’s Volume Gallery, where it’s their ideas alone that are on display. Their immersive installation incorporates a large panel of inkblot-dyed wallpaper that appears completely different depending on the color of light its exposed to, plus a series of corresponding light boxes; the takeaway is pure experiential enjoyment of the kind that made Olafur Eliasson a household name. If you happen to be in Chicago, you can see for yourself now through April 7.Volume-Website-Hue-Paira Volume-Website-Hue-Pairb Volume-Website-Haze1 Volume-Website-Haze2 Volume-Website-Haze6 Volume-Website-Horizon1 Volume-Website-Horizon2 Volume-Website-Horizon3 Volume-Website-Hue-2b Volume-Website-Hue-2a Volume-Website-Hue-2c Volume-Website-Hue-2d Volume-Website-Install2 Volume-Website-Install3 Volume-Website-Install4 Volume-Website-Install5 Volume-Website-Install7