At the 2015 Milan Furniture Fair, Part I

Another year, another Milan. Every year we attend the behemoth furniture fair known as Salone expecting to come away with something smart to say about the current state of design. But the truth is, you spend the week bombarded with so much stuff that you’re often left with just a few fleeting mental images of your favorite things, whether it’s a colorful chair sheathed in Flyknit-esque sneaker material or a particularly delicious gnocchi you nearly licked off the plate. Luckily, that’s what cameras are for. We shot nearly everything we saw this year, whether it was for an immediate Instagram, a file-away-for-later trend, or to share with you here, in our best of the best round-up from last week. We’ll be sharing everything we didn’t shoot tomorrow, as well as some contributions from our nearest and dearest friends in the design world. Stay tuned, and for many more of our favorites, click through to our Facebook album!

Pictured at top: Two prototypes from Max Lamb’s Exercises in Seating exhibition, a retrospective of the designer’s work in chairs since 2006.
2015-04-12 20.31.58 Max Lamb’s Exercises in Seating exhibition2015-04-12 21.17.01 Soft Baroque’s New Surface Strategies
2015-04-15 16.46.35 An acid-etched console table from Germans Ermics’ “Shaping Colour” for Dutch Invertuals
Dutch_Invertuals_027 A mirror from Germans Ermics’ “Shaping Colour” for Dutch Invertuals
2015-04-13 20.47.44 Distorted collection by Albini Cota at Ventura Lambrate
2015-04-15 18.44.12 A piece from Fabrica’s FUHA project for Daikin2015-04-14 21.17.27 New solo work by Michael Anastassiades
IMG_7899 The Philippe Nigro–designed courtyard outside Lexus’s A Journey of the Senses installation 2015-04-15 17.54.46New work at Dimore Gallery2015-04-14 21.24.29 The Ford Design Lounge at Euroluce
2015-04-15 18.08.37 Scout chair by Christian Haas for Karimoku New Standard
IMG_6239 Inverted Spaces by Calico Wallpaper & BCXSY
IMG_6319 Air hockey table by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio at Wallpaper Handmade
IMG_6588 New work by Nitzan Cohen for Mattiazzi
IMG_6591 Shimmer mirror by Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia
IMG_6898 Shimmer furniture collection by Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia