Thévoz-Choquet’s New Marble Accessories Collection For Bloc Studios

Over four days spent in Milan last week at the annual furniture fair, we saw dozens of exhibitions, spent 9 hours at the fairgrounds, and shot more than 800 photos. Pretty overwhelming. While we take a moment to regroup and put together our official coverage, which starts tomorrow, we figured we’d share with you one of the few projects that we didn’t photograph in Milan, but didn’t need to — SU alums Josephine Choquet and Virgil Thévoz launched an extensive new collection of marble tables and housewares with the Italian marble producer Bloc Studios, and thanks to the duo’s superior art directing skills, it came complete with the perfectly styled set of images you see in this post.

The collection, called Marmo Domestico, was meant to utilize the small chunks of Carrera marble that are left behind during the industrial quarrying process, but beyond that the designers simply wanted to create beautiful geometric objects. If the project is your first clue that the marble craze in design shows no signs of slowing down this year, there will be plenty more to come over the next couple of days.

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