Four Talents to Watch from Beckmans’ 2018 Graduation Show

At last year’s Beckmans product-design graduation show, the Stockholm-based students were asked to create objects that went beyond their own needs. But for this year’s crop of students, the overarching theme seemed to be looking inward, with projects stemming from an interrogation of their own childhoods, homes, and desires. Among our favorites, Jennie Aden created a collection that wondered what certain objects might look like if they were created from scratch rather than industrially produced; she worked with wool, wood, polyspore fungus, elk, and slate sourced from a village in Sweden to which she has a personal connection. In developing an aesthetic that would best represent her own vision, Sarah Hasselqvist studied the emotional  connection to her most prized possessions — going so far as to include research based on conversations with a psychologist, a Gestalt therapist, and a hypnotist. Klara W. Hedengren created plywood-backed mirrors whose shapes reflect a body in motion, one sitting, and one resting, as a means to open up a conversation about how we see ourselves and other people. And Liga Bulmiste looked around her own home and wondered why bathroom furnishings can’t be as individualistic, sculptural, and frankly interesting as the rest of our possessions; her take on the toilet certainly merits a conversation. Take a look at our selects below.

Liga Bulmiste

2_liga_bulmiste_ett_alternativ_isak_de_jong 4_liga_bulmiste_ett_alternativ_isak_de_jong 3_liga_bulmiste_ett_alternativ_isak_de_jong

Jennie Aden


4_Jennie_Adén_DownToEarth_foto_Jennie_Adén 5_Jennie_Adén_DownToEarth_foto_Jennie_Adén

Klara W. Hedengren

1_Klara_W_Hedengren_Body_Talk_Isak_de_Jong 5_Klara_W_Hedengren_Body_Talk_Isak_de_Jong

Sarah Hasselqvist

Sarah_Hasselqvist_Starkskör_Isak De Jong_5Sarah_Hasselqvist_Starkskör_Isak De Jong_1