Brutalist-inspire ikebana vases by Studio Testo

These Brutalist-Inspired Vases Will Up Your Ikebana Game

Last time we featured Studio Testo, we noted Giulia Dolci and Giulia Fauro Alessi’s uncanny ability to make pieces that are on-trend and effortlessly cool. So it comes as no surprise that their latest collection of sculptural vases has a similarly refreshing vibe, taking cues from Brutalist architecture and adding in some ikebana by Irene Cuzzaniti and fresh textiles by AH/OK. The Ædes collection is comprised of three fireclay and textured glass pieces — Torre, Campo, and Fonte — that look a bit like supersized and modernized Tinker toys. The names, Latin for “building, living quarters, and room,” but also for “temple,” are an ode to the sacredness of domestic space. By mixing the elemental shapes with moments of whimsy in the deconstructed florals and squiggly lines on the cloths, the aim to celebrate the act of living is captured; plus those little holes make creating ikebana arrangements almost freakishly easy…


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