This New Italian Studio Makes Textiles Inspired by Modern Art

Studio Testo, founded last year in Milan by two Italian art directors and visual researchers, makes work that’s easily accessible and understood — cushions, wall textiles, upholstery fabrics, and pouches that are pretty and on-trend, what with their overlapping collages of line and organic shape. But take a deep dive into the two women’s Tumblr or Instagram, and you’ll see an incredibly wide and varied set of influences that have been synthesized into their current aesthetic, including Barbara Kasten, Kate Jackling, the abstract French painter Jean Rets, Danish artist Richard Mortensen, and the Italian photographer Franco Fontana. What these references all have in common is a commitment to abstraction and geometry, which reveals itself readily in Testo’s work. Andesite, their collection of textile wall hangings, deconstructs mineral microstructures and reassembles them as macro-graphics; their Edizione Zero cushion similarly reflects themes from Constructivism and Concrete Art. And the upholstered chair featured in this post, a collaboration with an Italian interior design company called The Chic Fish, is just the cool, graphic update a midcentury chair needs to be relevant. 

T-andesite-01-WEB T-andesite-02-WEB T-andesite-03-WEB T-maite-03-WEB T-maite-02-WEB T-EDIZIONEZERO-3 T-EDIZIONEZERO-7